From Defense to Offense

At ASGK, we have significant experience helping companies and institutions navigate through negative situations with effective communications strategies. Having developed our expertise in the most intense crisis communications environment – that of a political campaign, where negative attacks can be launched almost daily – we know how to help clients develop rapid response capabilities that communicate the right message in real time, and get back to offense as quickly as possible.

Using the rapid response model from the most sophisticated political campaigns, ASGK works with clients to create effective crisis management and communications plans customized to address the issues they currently face and prepare for ones they could.

In particular, ASGK has:

  • Represented one of the largest U.S. auto companies in its financial dealings with the Obama administration and the Department of the Treasury
  • Handled communications related to supply chain and transportation issues on behalf of one of the nation’s largest railways
  • Worked with multiple telecommunications companies on regulatory issues at the FCC
  • Counseled one of the largest energy companies on regulatory settlements
  • Represented one of the largest entertainment companies with issues at the Department of Justice in the face of its merger
  • Worked with one of the big five investment banks that ended up taking TARP money and negotiated a financial and organizational agreement with the US Treasury