Strategic media plans and messages that resonate

ASGK has expertise in every area of earned media and public relations, including press strategy, media outreach and materials development.

When used effectively, earned media and public relations campaigns yield independent validation of a campaign’s messages, in addition to providing crucial awareness of the issues involved to both policymakers and the public. ASGK works with our clients to employ outreach strategies that reach all of the right reporters, bloggers and other media professionals.

With experience being “on the other side of the table” as reporters ourselves, the ASGK team has the proven expertise necessary to secure the best media coverage possible for our clients. Over the years we have worked hard to establish key relationships at the major print and broadcast media outlets. We can hone key messages based on our knowledge of specific reporters, editors, and producers. ASGK enables our clients to use the media to draw the attention and influence they need to achieve their long-term goals.

Reporter Briefings: Our team knows how to draw the right media attention for clients through unique events and background briefings with influential journalists, creating opportunities for media coverage around our clients’ key issues and campaign messages.

Editorial Board Visits and Interviews: ASGK helps our clients arrange and prepare for meetings with editorial boards of leading media outlets. We help our clients anticipate every tough question that could be asked of them and we help them rehearse answers that stick to the core messaging of the campaign, discussing only what is useful for the campaign and avoiding the rest. Our trainings help our clients face the media with confidence and deliver performances that advance their communications goals.

Press Material Development: We have extensive experience coordinating the development of Letters to the Editor, op-eds, statements, press releases and related media-ready materials.

Rapid Response: ASGK works with our clients to coordinate pushback or support around important events and key milestones. We work to ensure that our clients have the right messages to respond to important developments swiftly and effectively. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Statements from relevant leaders
  • Press releases from clients or partner organizations
  • Letters to the Editor of local or state papers, Op-Eds, and radio call-ins
  • Website testimonials and response
  • Social media monitoring and response