Insight and expertise for your legislative and regulatory initiatives

A compelling message. Creative delivery. Cutting-edge execution. This is what sets a successful public affairs campaign apart from the various causes vying for limited attention.

At ASGK, our team has decades of experience managing sophisticated public affairs efforts at the highest levels of both business and government. From crisis communications to long-term issue advocacy campaigns – whether your challenge is legislative or regulatory – ASGK’s team of professionals has decades of experience across industry sectors, and the foresight to guide your organization through the intricacies of government. With experience from presidential campaigns, Congress, the White House and state government, ASGK’s team members have been through the most challenging of campaigns and delivered results.

Our approach helps you to position your organization for success by determining the best strategic course to achieve your goals. Our experienced professionals can help your organization evaluate the political environment, its opportunities and its challenges. We believe as a firm that aligning business, policy and communications objectives in the public interest is the best way to persuade policymakers and regulators. 

ASGK is grounded by research-driven message development and stakeholder targeting. Managing your public affairs campaign like a political campaign, we help you determine which opinion leaders, legislators and insiders need to be persuaded.

Then, we methodically connect the message to stakeholders and to policymakers by using the most cost effective communications mediums,and we help you craft the most powerful and persuasive message and determine the tactics for delivery of that message.


Whether your message must be heard in the halls of Congress or city hall, ASGK is prepared to help your organization shape public policy. Persuading legislators often requires engaging the court of public opinion, and ASGK’s experience in political campaigns informs our strategic approach to issue advocacy.


The regulatory process poses uncertainty and unique challenges for organizations. Since our inception, ASGK has helped organizations achieve favorable regulatory outcomes across a variety of industries by working to create the necessary environment and third party engagement for success.