ASGK's professionals operate at the highest levels of public affairs and communications. We come from leading positions in government, politics, journalism, corporate America and public advocacy. 

Our work is regularly presented in executive boardrooms, read in government offices and featured in leading media.

We have run campaigns for every major industry and managed successful client efforts at all levels of government in states across the country. 

Unlike other firms, where public relations generalists are assigned to work on public affairs issues, ASGK's professionals are all public affairs specialists; our backgrounds give us the unique ability to perform at the elite level our clients require.

As you review our bios, you will find that ASGK’s public affairs professionals complement each other as leading experts in their specialties. At the same time, we share a common culture: a “get it done” approach even when faced with daunting obstacles; a belief that analysis, strategy and execution are inseparable; and an expectation that we will succeed for our clients.